Geography and the outdoors

A.Breckon - 17 Jan 2020

17th January 2020

This week we started off our theme by studying geography; we first looked at where we were in the country, and compared that in relation to the rest of the UK, learning positional language and using compass points. We learnt the regions of the UK and used them as a starting point to locate cities.
We've now started to compare an atlas to an ordinance survey map and considered the benefits of both. The class are doing really well at identifying symbols and recalling their meaning. We're focusing on our immediate area and contrasting it to urban settlements.


(locating familiar places on the map)                   (playing ordinance survey bingo)

In science this week we have been studying different rocks and using our science skills to try to work out what sort of rock they are.  First we used our observation skills to look in detail at the composition of the rocks and how they are made. We then carefully recorded our findings. We also noticed that some of the samples had been contaminated by others rocks when they had been stored, so we carefully cleaned them to make sure that our findings would be accurate. 





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