An exciting visit from Stump Cross Caverns
15 Oct 2019
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An exciting visit from Stump Cross Caverns

15 Oct 2019

On Monday we had a visit from two people from Stump Cross Caverns who came in to do a fossil workshop with us.
We had lots of fun looking at how fossils were made, and then we got to handle some very interesting fossils too! 

Here we are showing how the sand gets pressed down to start forming fossils.

You would be amazed at what sort of things became fossilised. The two people in the photo don't look very impressed with what they are holding! What do you think it could be? Hint - you wouldn't want to pick it up if it was fresh!!!

 We also got to see a very special fossil. What do you think could be in the box?

It was a dinosaur egg! Did you guess right? Do you think it would be heavy or light if it was an egg?


At the end we were able to look at all of the other artifacts too and handle them. What a great day we had.
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