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21 Oct 2021
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20 Oct 2021
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Home Learning for Friday 22nd October

21 Oct 2021

Hello again! 

I hope you are all safe and well and feeling ok. Well done for keeping up with all of your work this week, and remember to say a big thank you to your grown ups for helping you too. Hopefully we will be back in school after the holidays, it will be great to see everyone again. I've missed you all!

Rockstar Maths

Times Tables Rock Stars (ttrockstars.com)


Wordshark (onwordshark.com)

Daily reading

If you want to do a test, you can log on and do it as usual. 

Welcome to Renaissance Place (renlearn.co.uk)


Year 3

For your maths today you have some code breaking to do. There is a mixture of questions for you to work on here. Don't forget all of the different ways you could work out the answers. You could use column methods, numberlines, pictures... feel free to use whatever you want to. 






Yr 4 

You also have some code breaking to do. Your work is all based on your times tables though. Have fun and see if you can work out the answers. 






Your English today is all Halloween themed too! There are two sheets to do, one for the year 3s and one for the year 4s. On each sheet there are some words in a box to help you. 

 Yr 3

It has been a while since we looked at prepositions, so have a look at the website below to jog your memory.

What is a preposition? - BBC Bitesize


 Year 4 

If you need a quick reminder about fronted adverbials, check out the link below.

What is a fronted adverbial? - BBC Bitesize



For this afternoon I have put up some fun Halloween activities for you to try. You don't have to all of them, just have a look through and see which ones you fancy. One of them involves going outside so this might depend on if you are able to go out yet too. Remember to check with a grown up which activities you can do as some of them might involve sharp objects or collecting things. 

Have fun and hopefully I'll see you after half term! 

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Yr 3 answers




Yr 4


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