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Friday 26th Feb

25 Feb 2021


Maths -  Area and perimeter

-  How to show possession


Spellings - Please go on WordShark for 10- 15 minutes, please. (The links for this will be on the pages from earlier in the week. It might be a good idea to write your password somewhere safe if you haven't already).

Reading - 30 mins of reading and catching up with any AR tests. 

Topic -   Collective Worship and French

Teams call -               10:30 = yr 3        10:45 = yr 4 (Please start with your microphone on mute)

Please have a pencil and paper handy for your call.  

Well done to our fantastic readers this week who have been cracking on with the quizzes. 

Congratulations to : Hugo, Annabelle, Ethan, Molly, Thomas, Jake, Luke and Tom-Henry!

I know that some of you are reading some really long books at the moment so hopefully we will have lots of people next week too.




Today we will start with our usual 5 games of Rockstar maths.

I've set up a re-match between the yr 3s and yr 4s!

Yr 3


Aut4.9.2 - Perimeter on a grid on Vimeo

  -Year 3 questions.pdf-  

Yr 4


Aut5.12.2 - Area of rectangles on Vimeo

  -Yr 4 maths qs.pdf-  


Today we are going to have a break from our animals and work on a bit of grammar and look at how apostrophies are used.

Watch the video below and then complete the Teams quiz I have set for you. 

In the quiz you will need to put the apostrophe in the correct place in each sentence. Be careful though - not every word that ends in s will need an apostrophe, and I have put some in to try and trick you *evil laugh*. On some of the sheets you will need to re-write the sentence too *double evil laugh!*.

Don't forget to include full stops and capital letter when you put your answers in too!



To introduce apostrophes for singular possession (



Collective Worship

Have a look on the "enrichment section" of the website to find today's Collective Worship. 


 Don't forget there are the daily challenges and Joe Wicks PE challenges to do if you want to do something more energetic today. 
  Link to Joe Wick's Youtube channel. 

You can take part in the daily and weekly challenges too by clicking on the link below. 

Grewelthorpe C of E Primary School (



Yr 3 

  -Yr 3 answers-V320427811.pdf-  

Yr 4

  -Yr 4 answers-V320427985.pdf-  



This week we are going to focus on the topic of animals. We are going to make our own 'Top Trumps' cards in French.
First, we need to learn the names of some Jungle animals.
Watch this clip twice. Repeat the words as you hear them.
See how many animal words you can remember afterwards.

Below is an 'I Spy and Count' sheet. Count the animals.
Can you work out which number
below the picture matches with which animal?
You'll need to do a bit of guess work in French and a bit of translation!
I have put them in small groups, to make it easier for you.

dix      cinq      neuf     

le gorille    l'iguane   le paresseux

quatre    sept     treize

le tigre   le papillon  le perroquet

seize     onze       dix-huit     un
le fourmis    le python  le panda   l'orang-outan

Now that we have learnt some animal words, we are ready to make our own Top Trumps Cards. You will need a normal sized (A4) piece of paper. To make a really good game, use two pieces of paper.
First, take a look at these....

We don't know the actual weight/height/speed etc of each animal, so let's do some guess work and give them a score out of 10
for each of these headings:

In English: speed, weight, length, life-span, affection, danger

In French: vitesse, poids, longueur, longévité, tendresse, danger

Fold your A4 paper 3 times, to create 8 small rectangles to cut out. Choose 3 or four of the headings to write on each card, along with the animal name in French and your marks out of ten. You could even draw a sketch of the animal on your cards.I would love to see your cards when they are finished (