Easter Week

06 Apr 2020

 Easter Week

Good morning everyone!

I am not going to be putting up daily lessons this week because it is Easter. What I will do instead is put up some ideas of activities you might enjoy each week so that you have something to do while you are at home.

Work to Share from Last Week

The Witch's Cat

The witch's cat is spotty and green.
The witch's cat is big and mean.

He likes to climb his big tree.
He says what he can see.

The witch's cat chases mice.
The witch's cat likes to lick ice.

He doesn't like the wizard's dog.

He runs away to the bog.

Wow, that cress has germinated really quickly.

What amazing Easter eggs you designed!

Some interesting music composed in Purple Mash: How do they make you feel?



The Bingo Bongo.mp3


This Weeks Theme is Easter

You were researching what Easter measns to Christians last week so you may already have lots of ideas of activities yourself. If not then here are some ideas that you could choose from.

  • Take the next photo for your Garden Photo Diary.
  • Make an Easter card for someone that can't visit you at the moment. (Maybe Granny or Grandad). Find out how to write their address and post it to them.
  • Make an Easter flower cross. Here are some instructions. 
  • Use rice crispies and chocolate to make Easter nests. (Yummy!)
  • Make palms for Easter Sunday.
  • Make an Easter garden and act out/retell the story of Easter.  Here are some instructions. 
  • Use sticks to make an Easter tree. Now decorate it with things that remind you of Easter. (I can see a chick, egg and rabbit.)
  • Find some instruction to make hot cross buns. Mmmm which instruction should I do first? Can you weigh out all the ingredients? Why is there a cross on the top? 
  • Sing the song 'Hot Cross Buns'. Can you work out how to play it on an instrument? Make your own instruments like a drum (old tin) or shaker (fill a container with rice) and play along as you sing.
  • If you have a printer you could print out and complete this Easter Activity Booklet. 
  • Write a fact file about Easter. Remember to tell me about the symbols of Easter and what they all represent.
  • Keep a diary. At the end of each day write one or more sentences about what you have done. I have started mine.

If you want to keep active and try some PE challenges then have a look in the 'Sports' section of the website. Click on the Classes tab at the top of your screen and then select 'Sports'. Each page has different activities and challenges.

Don't forget the websites that you already know about like: PurpleMash, Sumdog, Numbots, Wordshark, PhonicsPlay, TTRockstar. On PurpleMash there are lots of activities for Easter.

Have a great time and I will put up some more ideas on Monday next week.

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