Changing Me
17 Jun 2022
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17 Sep 2021
First Week Back
10 Sep 2021




Changing Me

17 Jun 2022

Changing Me
We started our new PSHE topic by thinking about how animals change as they grow up. Do we change?

What is the best thing about being me now? Here are some of our answers:
I can run fast. I get to play with my friends. I am better at skipping than I was when I was younger. At Light Water Valley I can go on all the rides! When you get older you have more responsibility.

How could this Story End
We read most of our new story about the snow witch. How was Anya going to defeat the snow witch and save her mother? We talked to our parnters, drew our ideas and made notes then wrote the story ending in our books.



Forest School
Today we knew we were going to have a different afternoon. It was going to be our first Forest School lesson. Just before lunch we all got changed. It was so exciting we couldn't wait! After lunch we listened carefully to all the rules that would keep us safe then we walked down to the Forest School field and had the best fun ever!

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