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Friday 5th March

01 Mar 2021

Friday 5th March 2021       
  Good Morning Home School! 
Teams chat at 10 o'clock 
Morning work 

Collective Worship

Teams chat at 10 o'clock   

Our Teams chat this morning is at 10 o'clock. 


Morning work    

Log onto sumdog   and practice your mental maths for 10 minutes. 

Finish off your instructions for 'How to catch a fire giant'

Choose your challenge:
1) Number your instructions.
2) Carefully choose your imperative verb.
3) Add reasons and detail to make your instructions interesting.

4) Use the conjunctions 'when' and 'if'.

If you have time you could choose one of these:
1) Draw and label a picture of the fire giant you have caught.
2) Draw and label a picture of a new type of giant you could try and catch.

Send me a photo of your finished instructions or labelled picture on your private channel in Teams.


Y1 Maths 
Have a go at these questions on a laminated sheet and then we will go through them together. Remember you can use bricks on your tens frames.

Let's go through them together.

Can I subtract by taking away from the ones?

Maths No Problem pages - 131 and 132
Use your purple pen to mark your own work. The answers are in the Home Learning tab.

Y2 Maths 
Look at the statements in the boxes below. For each one think about whether it is 'Always true', 'Sometimes true' or 'Never true'. Printable copy   -AlwaysSometimesNeverStatementsOddEven.pdf-  


Think about each statement. 
1) Can you think of an example when it isn't true?
2) How do you know that it is always true?
3) Is it possible to check all the examples? Is there another way of knowing?

Print out the statements, investigate and find one statement for each heading and stick in your home school books:

Always True                                           Sometimes True                                              Never true

Give reasons or examples for each statement you have stuck in your book.

Challenge: Find more than one statement for each heading.

Ask someone in your house to test you on this weeks spellings.


Quiet reading for 20 mins - you can read to someone else or to yourself.
Y2 - make sure that you click on the link  and complete the quiz when you have finished a book. 


Go to the website home page  and scroll down to find 'French Friday' with Madame Hebblewhite.


Choose an activity from our PE coaches at Sporting Influence


Collective Worship  

Today's collective worship is on the Enrichment page of the website under 'News & Events'


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