18 May 2022
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13 May 2022
<3 Hot chocolate <3
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12 Sep 2021




<3 Hot chocolate <3

06 May 2022

We've just finished our unit on area and so after all that hard work, the children were let loose with the chalk to create different shapes which all had an area of 2400cm2. They had great fun seeing what a physical area looks like and how it can be represented in so many differing forms. 

Slide Show 

 Today we also recapped our knowledge of finding the volume of shapes. We know that multiplying the length, width and depth of 3D shape will tell us its volume but I wasn't sure they were all that convined so I needed a volunteer. 
Tentatively one stepped forward and trusted our maths enough to have us work out the volume of a container and pour that exact amount of water in it, whilst she sat waiting below for any potential overspill. 


She should have known she could trust class 4 maths and emerged (mostly) dry. Someone was a little vigorous with their pouring so a little may have gone overboard. 

We then measured the volume of other 3D containers. 

Finally, we have been discussing our knowledge of the ancient Maya and how historians can only go by the resources they find. Here we are studying images of genuine artefacts and considering what they could be. 


Now I bet you've never seen one of these before ... what do you think it is? 

After a considerable debate, we decided it must be some sort of tool due to the handle and cog-shaped base. 

Someone eventually made the link to the Maya and their famous love of chocolate. It's actually called a molinillo and it is used for frothing up hot chocolate and creating a tasty drink. Being all chocolate fans, we of course had to make a traditional hot chocolate too. 


Cheers and happy weekend

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