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Class 4 - Wednesday 15th July

14 Jul 2020

Good Morning to the 'new' Class 4!

Hi everyone, I hope you're all ok today? It's Wednesday already! Not long until the Summer holidays now. 

Here are some more transition activities for you to give a try...

Saying farewell


 Ending the academic year can be a time that is full of mixed emotions for many children. However, whilst many aspects of school life change, many remain the same too.

Can you think about all of the ​similarities and differences ​between your current class and the new class that you will be going into. For example, your lunchtime may remain the same or you will now get to learn how to play the ukulele. Can you record the similarities and differences in a table. 

A new year is also a great time to make ​new friends​. Can you create a poster that illustrates top tips for making friends and showing kindness?  You could speak to family members or your own friends to gather some ideas first.

Just for fun...

I would like you to think about if you could have any celebrity at all, which celebrity you would choose to be your teacher. You can choose any celebrity at all, but you need to be able to explain why you have chosen them.

You could draw a picture of what a lesson would look like with them, or you could write about it. 

Next year


 Close your eyes and think about next year. 

How do you feel? Do you feel anything change in your body when you think about it? It is very normal to feel many different emotions. 

Try to paint or draw your feelings. Think about the colours you use and the movements you may make. 

Reading is really important to me, and hopefully to you too! Therefore, I would still like you to read for 30 minutes a day.   


PE is also really important to me, and so it would be great if you could choose a PE activity to do each day. This link has a range of different options for you:


If you would like to do a music activity, then Mrs Watkinson has a huge range of lessons available at the below link.

Have a great day! 

Mrs Barker smiley

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