Good company

20 Mar 2020

After an extremely eventful week, we made the most of being in each other's presence and spent quality time together as a class. 

We enjoyed listening to a powerpoint all about Thomas' recent visit to Kenya, which looked truly amazing. He explained about how the national parks work and some of the cultural differences he noted. We all learnt about new animals and the way in which they live. I think we have a mini teacher in the making as without warning he whipped up a quiz and checked our knowledge. You must have held all our attention as we got full marks :-) Well done Thomas.

Later in the week, we used all of our knowledge on life as a monk to produce a board game based on the dos and don'ts of monklife and arranged that knowledge in the theme of a board game 'snakes and abbots'

And finally, on Wednesday evening came the sad news that schools will close for the foreseeable. Knowing that this will be the last time we meet for some time, we made the most of it and spent time playing team games, developing skills and being creative. We held a celebration to class 4 and all the learning and progress we've shown and to leave on an up-beat note. We designed polystyrene eggs and a winner was chosen, which one would you have chosen?

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