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Class 4 - Tuesday 30th June

29 Jun 2020

Good Morning Class 4 

Morning all, I hope you're all ok today?

Thank you for all of the work you sent me yesterday. I love receiving it! I am in school again today, so don't think I'm being rude if I don't reply! 

To give you something to make you smile this morning, click on the below link and watch the video of Michel Rosen retelling his poem 'no breathing in class'.

 Please remember to send me examples of your word to the class email address:

These are your tasks for today. Remember, you can do the tasks in any order, and you don't have to do everything if you don't have time. yes 


 Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!

Maths task: 
If you haven't watched the video from yesterday's maths lesson then please watch it now. You'll find it at the link below. 

Using sugar cubes, marshmallows or cubes if you have them,  I'd like you to make a shape with a volume of 24 centimetres cubed. How many different shapes can you make? Can you draw each shape you make? Will you make more or less shapes if you are given a bigger volume? 

Grammar task:       

I have attached a grammar activity sheet for you this morning. Click on the correct one for your year group:

-Year 5 grammar 11.docx-  

-Year 6 grammar 11.docx-  

I will put the answers up tomorrow so that you can see how you got on. 

Writing task: 
Today I would like you to create an information leaflet about the new mode of transport, that you deisgned yesterday. 

I would like you to include information about: how it works; what it looks like; safety procedures whilst on board; what destinations the vehicle travels to; and how long travel time is.

Try to make your leaflet as engaging as possible. As usual, you can do this by hand or on the computer. 


Reading task: 

Nothing has changed here...I would still like you to read for 30 minutes! Ideally, I would like you to read your school reading book or a book that is similar in difficulty. However, if you choose to read something else then that's ok too. As long as you're reading, I'm happy! smiley

Learning project:

The focus for this week's project is 'transport'. 
 The projects this week aim to provide opportunities for you to learn more about transport. Learning may focus on modes of transport, transport in the past, the science behind transport, road safety and how to be safe around water. 
This afternoon, you can either finish the project you started yesterday or start a new one.  smiley

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?- ​I would like you to choose a major city from each continent and look at the population’s primary mode of public transport, e.g. rickshaws and Skytrain in Bangkok, Asia, the Tube in London, Europe etc. Then can you create a fact-sheet showing each city’s most popular mode of transport and decide which is your favourite, providing reasons for your opinions.

 ● Creativity in the Underground- ​Many of the London Underground tube stations have their own unique, ​tiled designs​.​ Can you think of your own London Underground tube station name, and create a tile design to accompany it. You could simply draw the design using crayons, felt tips or paint. Alternatively, you may choose to represent the design in the form of a collage, cutting out your own tiles of paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, or whatever you have access to at home. There are some examples at the link below.

 ● From Horse-Drawn Cart to Jumbo Jet- ​I would like you to select 10 modes of transport from throughout history, using the below ​link to help you​. I'd like you to research the modes of transport and present them on a timeline, writing a description for each one, explaining what it was and who would have used it - bonus points for including the inventors!

 ● Faster Than a Speeding Bullet...Train- ​The Shanghai Maglev, also known as Shanghai Transrapid, is currently the fastest train in the world, running between Shanghai and Beijing in China. Can you be just as speedy and complete the following 5 activities as fast as possible: Star jumps, tuck jumps, press-ups, squats and lunges. Record how many repetitions of each activity you can perform in 1 minute. Can you beat your personal best? Can you record your heart rate (beats per minute) after each activity. ​

 ● Make and Do - Make it Go!- ​Have a go at this ​hover balloon activity​.
You will need the following equipment: CD, bottle top with push/pull closure, like those on some sports drinks or water bottles, blu-tack or glue and a balloon.
Alternatively, you could have a go at creating a ​baking powder powered boat​.
You will need the following equipment: empty water bottle, baking powder, kitchen roll or tissue, scissors, straw, vinegar, sellotape.
If you don’t have access to this equipment, you can watch and read about the experiments and can discuss with your favourite, providing reasons for your opinions.

Have a great day everyone.

Take care 

Mrs Barker
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