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Class 4 - Thursday 25th June

24 Jun 2020

Good Morning Class 4 

I have a treat for you this morning Class 4! Click on the link below to watch
Michael Rosen read his poem, 'Chocolate cake'. 

I hope you had a good day yesterday in the sunshine. It sounds like it's going to be just as sunny today. smiley

Don't forget to send me pictures of your extreme reading! smiley

Remember that if you would like to send me examples of your work, or simply want to tell/ ask me something then you can email the class email address: I'd love to hear from you.
These are your tasks for today. Remember, you can do the tasks in any order, and you don't have to do everything if you don't have time


 Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!

Maths task:          
I have attached a maths question sheet for each year group today. Click on the correct one for you.

You can write your answers straight into your exercise book or you can print the sheet off and fill it in. I will put the answers up tomorrow so you can see how you've got on. 

  -Year 5 Maths 9.docx-  

-Year 6 Maths 9.docx-
Spelling task:     
For your spelling task today, I have got a spelling mistake activity for you. There are some sentences written down, and you need to identify and/or correct the spelling mistakes. The words that are incorrect are from the Year 5 and 6 common exception word list. 

  -spelling mistakes.docx-  

I have attached the answers below, but please don't look at them until you've finished!

-spelling mistakes answers.docx-  


Writing task:

 Today, I would like you to write a persuasive letter to NASA explaining why you should be one of the next astronauts into space.
You will need to prove that you have the skills needed to be an astronaut. The below link will help with this:
Remember  to use a range of persuasive language, as well as reasons and evidence to back you up.

I'd love to read these when you've finished them, so please send them across to when they're done. smiley


Reading task:   

Nothing has changed here...I would still like you to read for 30 minutes! Ideally, I would like you to read your school reading book or a book that is similar in difficulty. However, if you choose to read something else then that's ok too. As long as you're reading, I'm happy! smiley



Learning project:

The focus for this week's project is 'space'. 

The projects this week aim to provide opportunities for you to learn more about space. Learning may focus on our Solar System, the Sun and the Moon. It could look at life in outer space from the view of an astronaut and travelling through space. 
Choose one of these projects to start this afternoon. smiley
●  Moon Moves - For this task you should research the importance of the​ Moon​ to life on Earth. You could research the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and create a model of the Earth, Moon and Sun. The link below might help.

 ● Through Space and Time- ​You should research space exploration history and create a timeline of how people have travelled into space. Think about when the first rocket was launched? When did the first man travel to space? How about the first woman? What other significant events can you add to your timeline?

 ● Connect the Dots- ​Can you examine the different life stages of a star, and explore the names and shapes of some famous​ constellations​. Then you should create a poster displaying the different constellations which can be used to teach others. Try to make it as creative as possible. The link below might help.

 ● Dancing into Space- ​Have a listen to Holst’s​ 'The Planets'​ (at the below link). You should select a planet and decide what you think that planet would be like. Can you create a dance/ set of movements to go with the music which will portray this. Take a video of your dance to share with your family and have a go at self-evaluating whilst watching the video.

 ● Mission to Space- ​Can you research the different components of a spacecraft and using your understanding of this, design your own spacecraft. Think carefully about what it needs to include in order for astronauts to survive in space. Can you make a small scale model using resources from around the home? There might be inspiration ​at the below link: 

Have a lovely day in the sun!

Take care 

Mrs Barker
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