Author visit

A.Breckon - 24 Oct 2019

25th October 2019

On Tuesday Andy Seed, an author, made a return visit. Andy has been to our school before, four years ago and wanted to come back and share his latest experiences. We really enjoyed listening to what it's like being an author and hearing the behind-the-scenes information. He shared his writing techniques and how he draws inspiration for his work. We had the opportunity to raise questions at the end and found out lots of interesting facts. 

 In other subjects, year 6 were set a challenge called 'Satisfaction' which is the feeling you must feel when successfully completing it. It's based on properties of number arranged around the edge of a board, and selected numbers which can all be arranged to meet certain properties, depending on how it was arranged. They showed a lot of perseverance and resilience to complete it, by re-evaluating their thinking and reasoning with number to work out which would go together. 

Finally, we ended the week by focusing on some geographical work. We recapped our knowledge of how the world is split into continents and oceans and tried to locate these on a globe - It's much harder than using a familiar map layout, but by looking at land shape and island formation we got there. Year 4 also used their knowledge of continents to locate countries and label them on their own map. 



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