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Welcome back

19 Mar 2021

It's nice to be back into a routine and see all our friends again. I'm really pleased with how we've all returned ready to learn. 

Since we've been back, we started a new writing topic looking at the well-known poem, The highwayman. It's great for infering and making predictions. The poem is about a highwayman and a young lady who are in love, and plan to meet the following night, sadly their plans are overheard and the result ends in disaster. 
Before we learnt the whole story, the children had to guess who the main characters were and what the plot might entail. We had some very creative predictions, all with fantastic inference but nobody correctly predicted the actual ending. 

This week, we started on newspaper reports, following on from the background work we did in home-school, to capture the dramatic events. I'll look forward to loading some finished pieces next week. 

We also are putting up a display to showcase our different genres of writing, all on the highwayman, and so we began using chalks and pastels to sketch scenes from the story. Using smudging, blending and colour-tone techniques. 


And finally, in DT we're looking at making smoothies. We investigated the senses and appeal of various ingredients used to make smoothies before trying some established recipes and then tweaking them to see if we could enhance them. 

We made some, urrrm, interesting flavours which I'd say aren't quite up to marketing yet but that's all part of the evaluation process. We look forward to next week when we can make our own smoothies which are planned around certain flavours and themes. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we're looking forward to being back at school for the last week before Easter

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