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24 Nov 2020
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Emotive poetry and watercolour art

24 Nov 2020

27th November 2020 

This week we finished off our poems based on deforestation. We have been spending time researching the issues around deforestations and the impact it's having upon our wildlife. We were shocked to learn that a football-pitch-sized area of rainforest is lost to industry every 3 seconds and that the world has lost around 80% of its rainforest coverage. 

We looked at this image and shared our inspiration for it, how exciting and full of wonder it must be, not knowing what's around and the vibrant colours and sounds you'd hear. A unique place! 

Then compared to this, a scene of devastation and how the landscape is bleak and uninviting. The contrast was huge and we tried to consider how it would feel for us.  

We agreed that as we don't live in the forests, it would be difficult to imagine so we compared it to war-torn scenes and imagined how this image would feel to us. 

With this in mind, the children wrote emotive poems from the animals' points of view. They tried to capture the scale of the devastation and express it using strong vocabulary and in a way which will encourage people to emote with the animals who suffer this situation. 

Here are a few examples to download. 




We printed our poems onto tracing paper and, with Mrs Lyall's amazing expertise, produced some watercolours by sketching a simple rainforest icon onto some art paper and using natural colours to create a background. 


We'll add these to our school display, which hopefully one day you'll be able to see but for now here's an image. 

We're very proud of their efforts on this topic.

Have a lovely weekend 

P.S - some of you asked for the AR link so here it is: https://ukhosted116.renlearn.co.uk/2245402/ 

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