Easter break challenge

05 Apr 2020

Happy Easter break Class four laugh

I appreciate that you'll be at a loss without my daily maths and English tasks so I thought I'd give you the opportunity to  take on some extra tasks wink

Firstly congratulations to us on our victory in the TT rockstars competition - we won yes!

Don't forget to draw as neatly and as in detail as you can a world landmark which I can put into a quiz later in the holidays.  

Easter competition:

All you'll need is an egg box and some paints. Your challenge is to make an animal using the parts of an egg box. I have a judge (no, it's not me!) and they will be looking at:

creativity - how interesting is your design?
Neatness - Does it look good? Is it painted properly etc.
Likeness - how much does your animal actually look like it
Fun - Is there anything else that make your design interesting? Like a background or props (E.G if you make a spider, maybe it could be in a web or if you make a rabbit maybe it could have some carrots too)

You'll need to submit an image of your design to me directly or via admin@gfschools.co.uk and the deadline is Sunday 19th April.

Here are some ideas I've found:





There will be daily challenges set by Mrs Acheson on the homepage which you can try and also there are some physical challenges in the sports section too.

Here are some extra activities you can download and enjoy.

  -Design Your Own Easter Eggs Worksheet.pdf-  

  -Easter Chick Paper Model.pdf-  

  -Easter Multiplication Mosaics Differentiated Activity Sheets.pdf-  

  -Easter Recipe Booklet.pdf-  

  -KS2 Emoji Easter Holiday WriteUp Activity Sheet.pdf-  

  -Easter Egg Mindfulness Greetings Cards.pdf-  

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