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Class 3 Friday 26th June 2020

25 Jun 2020

Hi everyone, we made it! Friday is here at last!



Slide Show 

 Story Time
Time for the next part of our story and it is a good one. Time to make the medicine! Just watch out for all of the mess!!

Click on the book for part 2


Please have a last look through your spellings and then ask a grown-up to test you. 



We've got to the end of the week and what better way to relax than by reading a book and enjoying the sunshine?
Please do your 30 minutes of reading today and see where your book takes you.

If you have a copy of George's Marvellous Medicine you might even want to read ahead. The man in the video learned the whole book off by heart so he could perform it! Pretty impressive!


For our Friday task we will finish off the week with our hand writing practice again. 

The piece I have chosen today will help us to work on our taller letters and practice getting our ascenders to be the right height. 
Don't forget that l and k are tall letters and should be taller than the "normal" letters. There are lots of "t"s in today's work too, and the t should be between a normal letter and a tall letter (we sometimes call this a "teenage" letter because it is between being little and being grown up).

Can you see how the t goes up higher than the other letters, and the l goes up higher still?

Some of the letters need to drop down through the line too because not all letters jump and sit on top of the line.


 Here the y and the p both have a tail that hangs down through the line. They only sit on the line if they are capitals. 

Please copy the poem below out neatly and think about the letters we mentioned above. 




I have put a version up with a blue filter in case it is easier for some people to read. 

  -Duck and Kangeroo.pdf-  


For your maths today I have set a task on MyMaths. We would usually do Math No Problem today but we're going to move on to fractions next week so I would just like to check that we are ok with money and MyMaths is great because I can go on and check your scores to see how you have done.

Link to webpage with log in details.

Topic work

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about space. Learning may focus on our Solar System, the Sun and the Moon. It could look at life in outer space from the view of an astronaut and travelling through space. 




 ● Our Solar System- ​ ​Encourage your child to think about what they already know about space and create a mind map. Can they name the planets in our solar system? Can they remember them in order or create their own mnemonic to help them? Ask your child to research the characteristics of the planets e.g What is it made of? What size is it? How close to the Sun is it? Temperature? Can they create a fact file, PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation on a planet of their choice? ​These facts​ about Mars or these ​facts about space​ may be a good starting point.  

 ● Blast off!- ​Ask your child to design a new spacesuit suitable for an astronaut. They will need to consider which materials would be most suitable, comfort for the astronauts and the temperature in space. Encourage them to design a logo for the spacesuit too. Perhaps they could make this using materials from around the home?​  

 ● Astronaut Aerobics-​  ​Astronauts have to be fit and agile for their missions to space. Ask your child to design a fitness workout to put your stamina to the test! Can you find your pulse and count your heart rate before and after exercising? ​Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.

 ● Out of this World- ​Ask your child if space travel was made more accessible and they could go on holiday to space, would they like to be the first space tourist? Can they think of arguments for and against being the first space tourist? Is it unethical for millionaires to spend their money on space tourism or should they spend all their money on reducing poverty? Ask them to prepare a speech about this discussion point. 

 ● One Giant Leap for Mankind - ​Ask your child to find out about ​Neil Armstrong​. Who was he and what challenges did he have to overcome during his life? Can they write a biography or create a piece of drama about Neil Armstrong’s life and achievements?


Have a great day, 
Mr G.
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