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Class 3 Thursday 16th July

15 Jul 2020


Good morning everyone, happy Thursday!



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Thank you very much for sharing your work, we have had some very good pieces of work sent in. I wonder if you can guess who made the "All about me" collages?

Reflecting on the year.

This one could be quite tricky and you might need a bit of help. How many things can you think of that you have done or learned this year? Can you think of one for every letter of the alphabet?! See if you can get one thing for each letter. Some will be very tricky but others might be easier (for x you could do "x tables").You can also include things you have learned out of school, so if you learned the ukulele that would be really handy for this. wink You might not be able to answer them all but see how many you can get. 

I'll start you off...
a- adding
b- badminton in PE
c- cooking with Mrs Spowart.
d- dancing with GoNoodle.....


Be kind and help others:

In Class 3 , we try hard to show kindness to others. Have you done anything to help someone else today?  Try to do a kind act for someone else. You might help with something or it might be to do something to cheer up another person. You could really go for it and do something kind for your brother or sister today!! cheeky


As always, remember to  try and keep up with your 30 mins of reading. Today I'm combining my love of books and sport by reading a sporty book. It is called "How to run marathons" by Miles Togo. 


Times Tables

In Class Three we try really hard to learn all of our Times Tables. These are really important to learn and to continue practising. We have lots of fun games and activities to help us to learn each of the multiples and get quicker at remembering them! Have a go at one now:

Follow the link below, try to choose a Times Table you need to practise. Have fun!
Collective Worship

Today's  Collective Worship is with Mrs Acheson
To join in, please find 'Collective Worship' on News page.

Projects for the week. 
Don't forget to try and do something active today. Have a look at the link below and see if you can find an activity to do. 

This link has a range of different options for you to try and to keep yourselves moving:


If you would like to do a music activity, then Mrs Watkinson has a huge range of lessons available at the below link.

Craft Activities

Below are some craft activities to have a go at. If you haven't had chance yet then there is still time this week. Maybe you could even make more spiders and create a spider army to take over the world! *Evil Laugh* 


Don't forget to be careful after getting paint on your hands! Remember to give them a good wash so you don't get paint all over the house. 



You don't have to make spiders, you could make any animal you could think of for this or even try making a dragon or a unicorn if you're feeling very crafty. 





I hope you have a lovely day and I'll see you again tomorrow. 

Mr G
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