08 Sep 2020


Please find below links to our policies which by law are published and updated regularly. If they raise any questions or you require a paper copy, please feel free to contact the school

  -Acceptable Use Policy.pdf-  

  -Acceptable Use Staff.pdf-  

  -Acceptable use March Parents.pdf-  

  -Acceptable use March ks1.pdf-  

  -Acceptable use March ks2.pdf-  

  -Admissions Policy.pdf-  

  -Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf-  

  -Anti-Radicalisation Policy.pdf-  

  -ART POLICY.pdf-  

  -Attendance and Punctuality Policy.pdf-  
  -Privacy Notice Covid Response.pdf-  

  -Behaviour Policy.pdf-  

  -CCTV Policy.pdf-  

  -Model CCTV Privacy Notice - V2.pdf-  

  -Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf-  

  -Child Protection Policy.pdf-  
  -Covid Child Protection Policy.pdf-  
  -Collecting Children from school Policy.pdf-  

  -Collective Worship Policy-V347223816.pdf-  

  -Complaints Policy.pdf-  

  -Confidentiality Policy.pdf-  
  -Dugs Education Policy.pdf-  
  -Display and Classroom organisation Policy.pdf-  


  -E-Safety Policy.pdf-  
  -Educational Visits Policy.pdf-  

  -Epilepsy Policy.pdf-  

  -Federation English Policy.doc-  

  -Federation Handwriting Policy-.pdf-  

  -Federation Phonics Policy.doc-  

  -Federation Reading Policy.doc-  

  -Feedback Policy.pdf-  
  -First Aid Procedure docx.pdf-  
  -Heath and Safety Policy.pdf-  
  -ICT Policy.pdf-  

  -Inclusion Policy.pdf-  

  -Inclusion Statement.pdf-  
  -Information Policy.pdf-  

  -Information Security Incident Reporting Policy.pdf-  

  -Managing serial and unreasonable complaints Policy.pdf-  

  -Medical Policy .pdf-  

  -Midday Supervision Procedure.pdf-  

  -Music Policy.pdf-  

  -Relationship and Sex Education Policy.pdf-  

Remote Learning Policy

  -Safeguarding Policy.pdf-  

  -Science Policy-V321718470.pdf-  
  -SEND Policy.pdf-  

  -Single Equality Scheme updated Sept 2018.pdf-  

  -Signing in and out procedures.pdf-  

 -Sporting Influence Policy.pdf-  

  -Staff Induction Policy.pdf-  

  -Transition Policy.pdf-  
  -Use of Digital and Video Images Policy.pdf-  

  -Volunteers Privacy Notice.pdf-  

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