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CLASS 1 Thursday 16th July

RHebblewhite - 15 Jul 2020

Class One

Thursday 16th July
Today it is Mrs Acheson's Collective Worship
(Go to the main page to join in)

Good Morning everyone!

I hope that you enjoyed yesterday's activities.
Let's start today by visiting our Number Friends!
Watch this story, read by Mrs Todd.
It's all about about our Number Friends and it's called,
One Is A Snail. Can you join in?

Do you have a favourite Number Friend?
I wonder if it's number 4? That's a special number, because you are 
4 years old! (or 3, if you are just starting Nursery).
Did you find some number 4s on your Number Hunt yesterday?
You could practise writing number 4 in lots of different, fun ways!

numbers 456-5773 | Stockarch Free Stock PhotosQ-Tip Number Tracing Activity - Toddler at PlayPaint Bag | Activities for kids, Kids learning, Painted bags

Do you remember all those different numbers of feet in Mrs Todd's story?
Why don't you have a look in your toy box and see if you can find 
some more things with feet? Can you and your grown-up make some group of numbers, from 1 to 5 with all the feet you can find?

Perhaps you could go outside and practise some counting too?
Here are some children practising theirs.
(Click on the triangle 'play' button. You don't need to sign into Seesaw)

Shall we say hello to our Letter Friends aswell today?
Let's play a game to practise our letter sounds.
Can you remember the sound that your name starts with?  
Can you tell your grown-up which sounds these things start with?

Aurora 13-inch Bonnie Teddy Bear (Brown): Toys & GamesCoronavirus: Cat owners fear pets will make them sick - BBC NewsThermo Smart Large Frying Pan - 30cm | Non-sick Induction Cookware

Find 5 things around your house and play Kim's Game. Ask your grown-up to tell you which sounds they each start with. Put them all together and take turns to close your eyes, while the other then takes one away. Guess which one has gone by saying, "duh for dog has gone...sssss for snake has gone etc".

Do you have a favourite animal or pet?
Do remember my guinea pigs, Nibbles and Snuffles?
Here's a little video all about them.
Watch my video, then maybe you could make your own book about your favourite pet or animal. You could even make a video about your pet!

Can you remember the names of my guinea pigs?
What colour were they? Can you tell your grown-up what they like to eat?
Have you got a pet? Do they have fur? Do they live in a cage?
What do they eat and what do you need to do to look after them?
Here is a simple book template that you might like to use. You might like
to use a bigger piece of paper, to make it easier for you to draw your pictures.

Printable Zig-Zag Mini Book for Father's Day | Make and Takes

Shall we wake ourselves up, after all that hard work?
Here is an indoor exercise video, with Mr Oopy!

Thanks for joining us! 
Take care and see you tomorrow!
Mrs Hebblewhite and Mrs Todd xx
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